Chetana Youth Leadership Program- CYLP
Sep 2020 - Aug 2021

Mission Statement

Learn leadership skills while executing activities with the true meaning of giving back to the community and establish oneself as a role model to the other youth volunteers



  1. Contacting businesses and donors to partner with
  2. Create a 30-sec elevator pitch and email template for donors
  3. Coming up with different ways Chetana can help the community (new events that may help those effect by Covid)
  4. Different volunteering events for the four pillars (Hunger, Environment, Empowerment, Education)


  • Minimum of 4 fundraisers per year (quarterly)
    1. This term: Dec 2020, March 2021, June 2021, August 2021
  • Monetary goals for each fundraiser
    1. Around $500
  • Each youth board member is required to help out with ALL fundraisers and encourage 2-3 other people to participate

Steps to Organizing Fundraisers

Start planning at least a month in advance
  • Making a list of EVERYTHING that needs to be done
  • Assign the tasks to people
  • Work with the PR department to advertise the fundraiser
    1. Make flyers, sign-up sheets, etc.
    2. Spread the word in Chetana groups, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube (teasers)
  • CLEARLY communicate every detail with the participants
  • Have a test run with the online software and resolve any issues at least 1 day before the event

Fundraising Ideas

  • Virtual game night
    1. Kahoots, riddles, guessing games, etc.
  • Online competitions
    1. Spelling bee
    2. Math bee
    3. Geography bee
    4. History bee
  • Virtual talent show

*All of these ideas are virtual because of the pandemic

Website/Data Management

  • The main job is to design and update the Youth Club Tab on the Chetana website
    1. Highlight different events we do
    2. Have a page introducing the Youth Board
    3. A place to track hours?
    4. Upcoming events tab
  • Make necessary design updates
  • Work with PR to promote the website
  • Work with other departments to promote upcoming events and fundraisers

PR/Social Media Management

  • Working with other departments for advertisement
    1. Work with fundraising to promote events
    2. Work with outreach to post Chetana updates to attract donors
    3. Work with the website to encourage more people to visit the Chetana website
  • Manage Social Media and be consistent with Social Media Updates
    1. Instagram
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter
    4. Youtube
  • Post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at least once every 2 weeks
  • Post all the shelter and donation updates from the Chetana WhatsApp groups on social media
  • Post any live streams and teasers for events on YouTube
  • Start a Chetana Newsletter and send it to the sponsors quarterly

CYLP Members

CYLP Advisors

  • Kavita Kolluri
  • Purnima Nunna
  • Ranjani Subramanian
  • Rina Mandera
  • Sreecharani Ratakonda

Youth Leadership Board - Chairs/Presidents

  • Adithi Mahankali – Fundraiser
  • Mythili Ramineni – Outreach/Awareness
  • Rishitha Chandra – Website & Data Management
  • Vaishnavi Chandu – PR/Social Media Management

Youth Ambassadors

  • Abhishek Polavarapu
  • Anvitha Mahankali
  • Akhil Duthaluri
  • Bhavika Buddi
  • Darsh Mandera
  • Kush Khamesra
  • Manika Nunna
  • Mitali Chaudhari
  • Namrata Venkatesan
  • Sahith Chandra
  • Sai Harshith Kodali
  • Sashwat Ravishankar
  • Snigdha Thatikonda
  • Srinidhi Gubba

Youth Crew

  • Nivid Singh
  • Kavish Khamesra
  • Anika Sharma
  • Shonali Chakravarti
  • Maitreyee Kulkarni
  • Sindhuja Muduganti
  • Simran Saluja