Hunger Relief

Oregon Food Bank

Chetana Foundation’s adult and youth volunteers work the Saturday afternoon shifts at the Beaverton branch of the Oregon Food Bank (OFB). Each shift lasts 2 hours and during this time, both adult and youth volunteers pack various types of dry food, into family size portions, which are later distributed to communities in need around Oregon. Chetana has been volunteering at OFB since 2018 and in the last 3 years, we were able to pack over 80,000 meals.

Due to the pandemic, this event has been on hold since March 2020. We look forward to volunteering at OFB once the social distancing guidelines are relaxed. 

Year# of Meals Served

Shelter Cooking

The shelter cooking project initiated in 2016 to help fulfill the goals of Chetana’s “Hunger Relief” pillar. Chetana volunteers typically spend ~3 hours every other weekend, cooking at the various homeless shelters located in Portland, OR, including the Transition Project’s Willamette Center and Laurelwood shelter. Both adults and youth join hands to make delicious meals from scratch including Indian & non-Indian dishes which serves ~100-200 homeless people. The residents of the shelter always love the food cooked by our volunteers and are very appreciative of the effort involved.

Due to Covid-19 and the social distancing regulations, we have been unable to cook at these shelters and hence we have switched to providing pizzas and food from local restaurants to Laurelwood Center, SOS Shelter, Willamette Center, and Walnut Park shelters.

Through this project, Chetana Foundation has been able to provide over 23,000 meals till date since we initiated in 2016.

Total 23k+ meals

During Covid Meals: 200 each week

Pre-Covid meals: More than 100 every other week

Year # of Meals Served
2016 150
2017 2800
2018 3600
2019 5900
2020 10450
2021 8360

Sack Lunch Packing

Portland, Oregon, has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the United States. Chetana volunteers started the ‘Sack Lunch Packing’ initiative in 2017 with the hope of helping the homeless in our local community. This initiative aligns with the “Hunger Relief” pillar which is one of the 4 pillars of Chetana’s core values.

Twice or thrice a month, Chetana youth volunteers (11+) get together to pack sack lunches for several Transition Project Shelters including Safety Off the Streets, Walnut Park, and River District Navigation Center shelters, Willamette Center & Laurelwood Center. Each sandwich bag includes a sandwich, a granola bar, condiments, and a fruit. In the last four years we have packed more than 15,000 sack lunches for the homeless population in Portland. This has been a great experience for our volunteers, as we get to serve the community and make strong connections with others.

Due to COVID and social distancing rules, this project has been modified to include Pizza deliveries to the shelters rather than packing sack lunches at home. To get more information and to volunteer in this initiative, please contact

Year # of Meals Served
2017 108 sandwiches twice a month = ~1296
2018 108 sandwiches twice a month = ~2590
2019 ~5616
2020 ~4800
2021 ~3840

Groceries for underprivileged families

Chetana Foundation supports several underprivileged families both locally in the US and globally by providing groceries and essential supplies especially during Covid, wildfires, hurricanes and other natural calamities. We have supported several families and communities in Oregon and other parts of the US.

Global Hunger Relief

Titli Hurricane Relief

As part of Chetana Foundation’s commitment towards Hunger Relief and empowerment, Chetana Foundation raised over $8000 in November 2018 to help the people severely affected by Titli Hurricane in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh.

Chetana volunteers sent day-to-day essentials including rugs, blankets, plates, glasses, cooking essentials, rice, potatoes, dals, and other miscellaneous items to the cyclone hit village, Ekuvuru. Over 600 families affected by the hurricane were served by Chetana.

Groceries for underprivileged families - Global

India – Chetana Foundation supports several underprivileged families in India by providing groceries and essential supplies especially during Covid, wildfires, hurricanes and other natural calamities. We have continued to provide groceries and supplies to several families in all parts of India including Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka.

Uganda – Aligning with our  Hunger Relief Pillar, Chetana Foundation provided groceries to orphanages in Uganda where more than 41% of people live in poverty. In 2020, Chetana Foundation donated groceries for 3 months to “Love Uganda Orphanage, Kampala” in efforts to provide underprivileged people with basic necessities.

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