Our Mission & Vision


Chetana aspires to strengthen and cultivate inclusivity within disadvantaged communities by making education more accessible and eliminate barriers to essential resources.


The Chetana Foundation, with the help of our dedicated volunteers and donors, strives to improve the lives of those in disadvantaged communities by focusing on our four pillars:

* Commit to engaging proactively in the fight against hunger 

* Unite compassion in our community through education initiatives

* Promote awareness for environmental conservation 

* Empower individuals by elevating the voices of underrepresented communities both locally and globally. 

Who We Are

Chetana Foundation originated in Portland and has been serving the Greater Portland area since 2016. The word Chetana (Che-TAH-nah) derives from a Sanskrit word meaning “consciousness”, which is the core value that our organization emerged from. We now have over 300 active volunteers as well as a youth chapter, who all graciously dedicate their time to sustaining our mission.

Chetana is comprised of a unique blend of backgrounds and we strive to welcome individuals from all walks of life. We place a strong emphasis on social equality and we acknowledge and embrace the diversity in our growing community. We do not discriminate against individuals based on race, gender, orientation, identity, political, or socioeconomic status or belief.