PPE For Front Line Workers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chetana Foundation has donated 3042+ hand made masks, 550+ medical masks, and 900+ gloves to OHSU Tuality Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente West Medical Center, and The Portland Clinic.

The Soul Box Project

The Soul Box project was initiated in 2019 and was the inaugural project for the Chetana Womens Forum. It was conducted in partnership with an organization called ‘The Soul Box’ to raise awareness about the gun fire epidemic in the US. Several Chetana women volunteers (Adult & Youth 6+) created ~300 Origami boxes to raise awareness about gun violence in America. This project was a one time collaboration effort with Soul Box and has been completed. We hope to partner with them for future engagements to raise awareness about this important cause.

To learn more about how Chetana volunteers partnered with The Soul Box Project, contact chetanapdx@gmail.com

Wildfire Relief Activities (Empowerment/Environment)

The 2020 wildfires in Oregon had devastating impacts on many people and several lost their houses and belongings. To help some of the families affected by wildfires, Chetana Foundation raised money to donate cooking sets, cleaning supplies, and tools. We have been able to support and help ~32 families in Southern Oregon (Phoenix, Medford) and Molalla.

Community car parade

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Chetana Foundation volunteers conducted a Community Car Parade to show support and appreciation for all frontline workers in Beaverton/Portland. Over 100+ cars were driven through the streets starting from PCC Rock Creek to St. Vincent Hospital to show support to doctors, nurses, hospital staff, Police/Sheriff department, firefighters, postal workers, garbage, grocery store staff, pharmacy store staff and recycling workers.

Global Empowerment

Prosthetic Limbs, Tri Cycles, Wheelchairs & Sewing Machines​

As part of Chetana Foundations Empowerment pillar, we have donated Prosthetic limbs, Tri cycles, wheel chairs & sewing machines to several people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in India to empower them and help them lead an independent life. Chetana Foundation has conducted several fundraiser drives in the US and is able to accomplish this initiative thanks to the donation received from donors in the US. This initiative was started in 2018 and is ongoing. To support these initiatives, please visit https://PayPal.me/chetanaus

Prosthetic/Artificial Limbs – Chetana Foundation has conducted multiple camps for free provision of artificial limbs in India. In total, more than 500 limbs have been provided till date to the needy in Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Khammam, and Mahabubabad.

Tricycles – Chetana Foundation provided tricycles to bring joy and promote an active lifestyle to youth in need in Mahabubabad, Guntur and Andhra Pradesh in India. The cost of each tricycle is $100 and Chetana Foundation is thankful to all the donors who have supported this initiative.

Wheelchairs – Apart from supporting the physically challenged with artificial limbs and tricycles, Chetana also provided wheelchairs to help the elderly people who cannot afford them. They cost $80 each and Chetana Foundation has donated 55 wheel chairs till date with support from donors in the US.

Sewing machines – Chetana Foundation donates sewing machines to low-income women in India so they can be self-employed and thereby be financially independent and provide for themselves and their families.

Wet grinders – Since 2018, the Chetana Foundation has donated wet grinders to several women from low-income households in rural India to empower them to be self-employed and financially independent. The cost of each wet grinder is $85 and we graciously accept donations to provide these to women in India.

500+ limbs

Date Location # of Limbs
1/05/2020 Mahabubabad 75
1/19/2020 Hyderabad 120
2/16/2020 Mahabubabad 70
2/17/2020 Khammam 10
2/23/2020 Secunderabad 120
3/11/2020 Secunderabad 40
Tri Cycles: Wheelchairs:
Year # of Wheelchairs Donated
April 29, 2018 10
July 9, 2019 20
February 28, 2019 10
February 23, 2020 15
Sewing Machines:
Year Machines donated
2017 25
2018 240
2019 450
2020 250
2021 200
Wet Grinder:
Year # of Wet Grinders Donated
2018 15
2019 45
2020 100
2021 80

Help an athlete

Chetana Foundation helped support Korsa Nagalakshmi, an Indian athlete who won 3 silver medals in Indonesian Open Masters Athletic Championship in 2018. She represented India in triple jump, 100 and 200 meters race. We are very proud of Nagalakshmi and we are happy that we could play a small part in her achieving her dreams. Chetana Foundation donated 32,000 INR to help with her travel and training expenses.

Providing Laptops to students in need

Chetana Foundation supports the needs of engineering and medical students from a low-income background, with laptops to help them further their education. Even though this initiative was started prior to the pandemic, we found that a lot more students required this support and hence have been more actively identifying such students and providing laptops so that there is no disruption in their education.
Year Laptops donated
2018 4
2019 12
2020 200+
2021 160+

Water purification plants (Environment/Empowerment)

In an effort to provide pure drinking water to villages in India, Chetana Foundation has helped install 5 water purification plants in Piduguralla, Konayapalem, Nagulavancha, Chinna Munagala, and a village near Mahbubnagar between 2018 – 2020. This initiative supports the environment & empowerment pillar as it provides people with access to clean water for living and leading a healthy life.

2018-2019: 4 purification plants

2020: 1 (Chinnamunagala) purification plant

Sanitizers, gloves, and caps & PPE equipment

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, Chetana Foundation, raised funds to donate medical supplies including sanitizers, caps, gloves and other PPE equipment to frontline workers and other low-income people across different places in South India, including Chennai, Khammam, Warangal, and Hyderabad. This was part of the Covid-19 relief efforts and has helped many people that don’t have access to essential supplies needed to fight the pandemic. Till date we have supplied more than 1,000 sanitizers, 10,000 caps, 20,000 gloves and 17,000+ masks.

School Supplies – The School Supply Drive was initiated in 2019 by Chetana volunteers to help support students in need from low-income backgrounds. When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools, Chetana Foundation donated fifty digital classrooms to schools in the Sirpur Kagaznagar area. They have continued their efforts by donating TVs, school uniforms, school supplies, and shoes to the UP School in Roampadu Village to help continue the education of students in the area.