India is in middle of severe humanitarian and health care crisis due to second wave of COVID-19. India’s hospitals and medical facilities are beyond capacity, having run out of Intensive Care beds and oxygen supplies. Thousands of people are loosing lives on a daily basis merely due to lack of essential medical support. This is the first time all of us are witnessing India fall into crisis of this magnitude and the nation needs all of us to come together in aiding India’s battle against the crisis. Chetana volunteers have been working tirelessly with local government authorities and voluntary groups to help COVID impacted communities to the best extent possible. As per the immediate needs, Chetana is currently focusing on A. shipping as many oxygen concentrators as possible to India. B. Distribute essential medicine kits to needy patients and families. C. Food supplies and cooked meals to needy families, daily wage workers and orphanages that got severly affected due to lack of wages and funding during COVID times. We pledge to distribute 10,000+ medicine kits and supply 10,000+ food supplies to the needy. Let us all come together in aiding India come out of the current crisis as quickly as possible. 

02 Concentrators

All 02 concentrators will be donated to government run COVID clinics to support needy patients

Medical Kits

Kits include basic medicines to treat COVID symptoms, facemaks, sanittisers. This will help needy patientts with mild symptoms.

Food supplies

Food supplies and cooked meals will be supplied to needy families, daily wage workers and orphanages that got severlay affected due to lack of wages or funding in COVID times.