Bottle Drive (Environment)

The Bottle Drive is an initiative led by Chetana youth volunteers to recycle used bottles and cans and raise money for various community services that Chetana provides. Under the Oregon Water Bill, volunteers can recycle soda cans, glass bottles, water bottles, and more. Since  2019, Chetana volunteers have recycled >3,616 bottles and have been able to raise $500 and clean up the environment and the same time!

Spread Love (Empowerment)

Through Chetana Foundation’s “Spread Love” initiative, several youth and adult volunteers create beautiful greeting cards for patients in nursing homes and senior care homes. This project was initiated in 2018 and is ongoing. As part of this initiative, several Chetana youth and adult volunteers create beautiful bouquets, handwritten cards with heartfelt messages and distribute them to cancer patients at nursing homes and also to elderly people at different Senior care homes. Volunteers have made cards for seniors at the Laurel Park old age home for Father’s Day and it was very much appreciated by them. Chetana Foundation also collaborated with Fighting Pretty to send cards to more than 100 cancer patients.

During the pandemic, we showed support Covid-19 frontline workers, underprivileged families, and nursing home residents by creating cards with thoughtful messages to brighten their long and difficult days and bring a smile to their faces.

Winter Clothes Drive

The Winter clothing drive is one of the regular drives Chetana has led over the past couple of years. This effort was initiated in 2017 and with the help of several of our donors, we are able to provide warm winter clothing and socks to about 200-300 homeless people every year.